MapServer dbox

Authors: Steve Lime
Brent Pellinen
Ken Boss
Contact: (mailing list)
Revision: 0.9a1
Last Updated:2006/05/08

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dbox is really a collection of DHTML-based libraries for building highly interactive web-based mapping applications. The tools are meant to work directly with the MapServer web mapping system. They provide relatively autonomous functionality without restricting overall design. In fact, they were designed to be used with old fashioned elements like tables.

Functionality includes:

This is a beta release; there are several known deficiencies. Feedback via the mapserver-users mailing list is more than welcome.

Sites using dbox.js


Assuming you are reading this document locally, and your setup has been properly configured (see README_install.html), the local installation of the dbox demo can be accessed here.


The dbox libraries can be downloaded via the links below. Three distributions are available:

 contains only the library sources and documentation.
 contains the sources along with a working demo pre-configured for use with the MapServer for Windows (MS4W) toolset (
 contains a version of the sources and demo more readily suited for use on Linux/Unix systems.